Rocksbox – November 2016 Review + 1st Month Free Coupon + Holiday Gift Offers


Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription service.  It costs $19/month to rent 3 pieces of jewelry.  You can return them at any time, with free shipping, to receive a new set, or purchase one or more of the pieces at a discounted price.  Each month, you get $10 in Shine Credit towards that can be used towards purchasing their jewelry. Use code: BEEJUBOXESXOXO to get your first box for free!

This is a review of November’s box.


For a limited time, they are offering a discount on gift subscriptions along with a bonus gift card.

Rocksbox is offering three amazing gift options this year, and we want you and your followers to be a part of it!

The gift of Rocksbox is perfect for your friends, family members and followers who are obsessed with jewelry, and it’s equally as perfect for your friends, family members and followers who would love some accessories styling guidance and want to try something new!

The Gift options are as follows:
$49 ($67 Value): 3 month membership + $10 Gift Card
$99 ($139 Value): 6 month membership + $25 Gift Card
$149 ($278 Value): 12 month membership + $50 Gift Card


Everything in this month’s Rocksbox.


Each box includes a personalized information card describing the 3 pieces of jewelry in the set.


They also included some more cards with jewelry-related quotes on them.


You can rate the jewelry you receive so they know what to send you next time. I really like that.

They also included a card describing how their service works.


Perry Street Ciara Statement Necklace in Hematite ($59 regular, $50 for members) – I believe all three items in this month’s box are from my wishlist (yay), but this one is the one I’m most excited about. It’s a statement piece, but a very low-profile one. The colors are relatively darker, but I really love the combination of those colors and the design. The materials are pretty heavy, but I like it that way. I’m totally gonna wear this piece with my holiday sweaters, and I’m debating whether I should keep this one.


Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet in Rose Gold Drusy ($79 regular, $59 for members) – Another Kendra Scott piece! I don’t remember if I put the Rose Gold one on my wishlist, but I like this one a lot. I’ve been wanting to have an Elton bracelet for a while, so, I’m super happy to receive it in this month’s box although I probably put like 5+ different Elton bracelets to my wishlist lol. All those being said, I’m not sure I want to pay $50 for it.


Closeup on the side details.


They have included instructions for caring for jewelry with this piece.


Perry Street Clara Cocktail Ring ($59 regular, $50 for members) – This piece is kind of a disappointment for me. I added it to my wishlist thinking I could use some vintage-looking statement rings for the upcoming holiday season. It is vintage-looking enough, but the crystals and the metal holder have too much contrast when I see it in person, and the size of the ring face is just too small, only a little wider than my finger, for my liking.


Closeup on the side and back of the ring.

Overall, I like this month’s Rocksbox. I love that I received a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring. I really like the necklace and the bracelet, but not so much for the ring. It’s good to know that sometimes what you see online might not suit you or you may not like it in person, and that’s one of the reasons I like about Rocksbox since you don’t have to commit to anything. This is my second month getting Rocksbox and so far so good. I like most of the pieces my stylists have picked for me, and their shipping service has been super fast and efficient. If you want me to mention one thing that they might improve in the future, I would say I feel kind of pressured to keep 30 items in my wishlist.I don’t consider myself being too picky in terms of jewelry pieces and they do have large pools for different styles of jewelry, but I find it hard to pick out so many pieces because most of the similar styles’ jewelry look almost exactly the same except some tiny details or colors. Perhaps this only happens to the styles I like?

If you’re interested in Rocksbox, click here to get one.  Use code: BEEJUBOXESXOXO to get your first box for free!

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I'm Symi. I just got my PhD degree in Biochem and I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
Favorite things: All kawaii stuff, Asian beauty, dresses, nail polish, jewelry, lifestyle items, glitter, heart-shaped things
Least favorite things: Boxes that lie about being completely customizable, completely made up ingredients in skincare products.
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