Ipsy – October 2016 Review


It’s been many month’s since I last reviewed Ipsy. Do I like it any better now?

Spoiler: No

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This Halloween themed bag is adorable. It’s also the only thing I liked this month. The zipper pull is a ghost! Eeee!


Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

Still don’t wear eyeliner. Next!

Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush

Cool, I can use this to apply the eyeshadow I don’t wear.


Beauté Basics Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

Ahhh, speak of the devil! Here the aforementioned eyeshadow!


theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama Blush

I really do love theBalm’s packaging, I just wish that I had a use for this. It’s not very flattering on me.


Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance Rollerball

I wanted to love this scent. I tried. It starts out light and fruity, but as time passes it just becomes heavy and floral, giving me a headache. Bummer.


In case you were wondering, the six months that I didn’t review were pretty much 100% eye makeup. A winner is me! To add insult to injury, there were SO MANY lip and nail products that one could possible get this month. IPSY!!!! *shakes fist*

Annnd it’s Beeju’s turn.


Look at the little ghost pull! It’s so cute with it’s little heart eyes. This is probably one of my favorite ipsy bags ever…. in product too. I basically for the bag that D Lys wanted.


Tatcha! Nail polish! Lip! The balm!

I’ve developed a sordid love affair with Tatcha, thanks to their stupidly expensive luminous dewy skin mist. I did really like this oil, it has a subtle, pleasant scent, and cleanses well. I don’t know that I’d buy it because it’s .. pricy, and my Skinfood Black Sugar Foam is like $10 SO. The eye patches I gifted and the lip product is like, brown. Straight brown. Swatches below.

I dig the balm, no complaints heh


Look at how gorgeous that chrome is? *gently pets the screen *


Swatches. The balm is more pink/red toned while the lip is straight up brown. It’s definitely unwearable for me but it is a nice fall color.


This has been probably one of my most favorite ipsy bags since I’ve started getting them. The bag is cute and the items are all things I really like (minus the eye pads obvs but they went to a good home). I unsubbed from ipsy for awhile and when I picked it back up, I’ve been getting really good matches so… maybe that’s the secret? :P

Anywho, Happy Halloween everyone! Get ipsy here.

D Lys

I like cats. I also like other things that are not cats.

Contact: dlys@beejuboxes.com
  1. I bought four extra bags on ebay this month because it is soooo cute, and my mama and daughters NEEDED one :) I was hoping for that polish, but I got a nice Tatcha cream.

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