Geek Fuel – October 2016 Review


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Geek Fuel is a geek & gamer themed subscription box that always contains a new exclusive t-shirt (both men’s and women’s sizes available S-3XL) and a Steam code, as well as a wide variety of other fun goodies (stickers, cutting boards, playing cards).




This month’s box is 50% horror, 50%….well, not-horror? Once again, the box is heavy on Geek Fuel exclusives.


Ok, yeah, I’m gonna like this box.


Despite The Walking Dead being featured on this month’s mini-mag, there is no TWD item in this month’s box. However, it does go along with the general horror theme of this month’s box.


This small article runs down Negan’s possible victims. He looks so cheerful in the corner!


I’m prone to impulse buys, but even I think a $350 Licker is getting a bit excessive.


Gummy brains? That’s a new one. Doc of the Dead is a 2014 documentary that examines the zombie genre and its associated culture.


Admittedly, despite the size of the Halloween series, I have only seen the pretty terrible Rob Zombie movie. (Wait, he made a second one? Eugh.) This tiny Michael Myers comes with a tiny knife. Perfect for tiny stabbings!


I got distracted by Eric Draven (why is he part of this series of figures??? do people consider The Crow a horror movie?) on the back of the packaging and flipped it over to take a look. This caused the entire package to just fall apart. Ok, I guess this guy isn’t staying in his original packaging.




Quick, name two things that go together well! If you said cowboys and hip-hop, congratulations, you’ve already played Luckslinger. Luckslinger is a solid game. In fact, it’s my favorite game from Geek Fuel this year with the exception of Elliot Quest. Depending on your opinion on the “luck” mechanic of the game, you’ll either love Luckslinger or find it incredibly aggravating. I will say that Luckslinger features the most useful duck sidekick of all time.


In addition to the Steam code, you also get some large wooden dice. I’m always losing pieces to old board games, so these can surely get put to use.


Why hello there, best item of the box. This month’s “item of Westeros” is a toothbrush holder modeled after Rhaegal’s egg from Game of Thrones.


This rather heavy egg comes with two seperate lids. One, with holes, is meant to be used as a toothbrush holder (or for pens and pencils I guess). If, like me, you have no use for one of these, there is a second lid without the holes. This way you can use the egg to store all sorts of little trinkets you may have lying around. Like last month’s cutting board, I’m impressed with an item that has some utility.


Though I love the dragon egg the most, I also was very happy to receive this Firefly shirt. Though I may complain about getting another black t-shirt (I’ve given up on adding more color to my t-shirt drawer at this point), I will never not be thrilled to see a Firefly item pop up in sub box. For some reason the design makes Serenity seem a bit blurry. Is it just me?


As a lover of themed boxes, I appreciate that this month’s Geek Fuel at least attempted to have a horror/Halloween theme. I didn’t dislike any of the items in this box, which makes it a huge win in my eyes. Seriously though, between last month’s cutting board and this month’s dragon egg, I’m in legitimately usable item heaven. The featured games have also gotten much better.

Interested in Geek Fuel? Check it out here. (Referral Link)

PR Sample. Referral links. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Don’t drop the egg on your foot. It hurts.


D Lys

I like cats. I also like other things that are not cats.

  1. lmao at your last line! thus spake the voice of painful experience ;P

    I do like that they gave an alternate lid – not only is the item practical, but if it doesn’t suit its intended purpose, it can be repurposed for storage, nice!

  2. I really was surprised to see them include that! My toothbrush is electric and has these big brush heads that won’t fit in the holes of the lid, so I was more than happy to see that second lid without the holes!

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