Snakku – October 2016 Review


$15.75-$38.75/month—Free USA shipping

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Snakku is a monthly Japanese snack box centered around more traditional and local treats. US customers can get a small tasting box for $15.74 for 5-7 snacks, while the original box is $38.75 per month for around 2 pounds of goodies. US customers also get free shipping, and other international customers pay an additional shipping charge.

s10-2This month was themed around fall flavors in Japan. As always, the box is packed and designed beautifully. If you purchase certain prepaid plans your box will come wrapped in a furoshiki, which is a traditional wrapping cloth.

s10-3The info card talks a bit about the seasonality of Japanese food, which is one of my favorite things about Japan. It reminds me a lot of living in Michigan where the arrivals of certain crops like apples, cherries, and corn are a big deal. As for Japan, the informational card talks specifically about kaki (persimmons), kuri (chestnuts), and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin). Apparently chestnuts are the oldest cultivated plant in Japan!

s10-5Toyama Persimmons: These organic sun-dried persimmons hail from Toyama, and they recommend to eat it chilled. I didn’t have time to chill them (I’m moving to Japan tomorrow!), so I tried them at room temperature. There is only a hint of sweetness since there is no added sugar. It’s a very mild taste with a jelly-like chew.

s10-6Kuriko Momiji: This snack is from a local Hiroshima shop that have been making treats since 1930! The outside bun uses local maple syrup. It’s stuffed with sweet bean and roasted chestnut filling. This is seriously of the best things I’ve ever had in a Japanese snack box! First of all, it’s beautiful. The taste is amazing too—the sweet outside has a great maple note, while the filling is slightly sweet.


Kuri Senbei: A snack shop near Mt. Fuji has been making this for hundreds of years according to the info card! Egg, white bean paste, local chestnuts, and Fuji river water are baked in a clay oven. There are two thin crackers in each pack. It has a nutty, earthy taste that would go really well with a dark roast coffee.

s10-8Pumpkin Arare: These are mini rice crackers made with kabocha, which is a Japanese pumpkin similar to a butternut squash. (It’s amazing as tempura!) They taste great, but I don’t get a lot of pumpkin flavor. The crunchy puffs have a savory and salty taste.

s10-9Pumpkin Pudding KitKat: This Japanese Kit Kat is only around in October. It’s pale orange in color, and smells like pumpkin spice. The taste reminds me of pumpkin pie, and it’s very sweet. These would be great to hand out to trick-or-treaters!

s10-10Butter Soy Jagabee: This snack from the Jagabee brand is popular in Japan. It’s thick cuts of crunchy potato sticks glazed flavored with soy sauce and butter. The salty-savory flavor is addicting!

s10-11Niigata Senbei: These rice crackers are baked in a clay oven in the Niigata prefecture. They have an ocean-y feel to them from the salt and bonito flakes. They’re very thin and crispy and would go well we a Japanese beer.

s10-12Choco Pie: This sweet is two soft cakes with crème in the middle, and the entire thing is coated in a mild chocolate. I really enjoy the flavor of the white cake and chocolate, but the whole snack is a little dry. However, it would go well with a spiced tea or medium roast coffee.

s10-13Matcha Chocolate Crunch: The rice in this snack comes from a local Gifu farm, while the chocolate comes from Hokkaido, and the matcha tea comes from Nagoya! It’s a really tasty bite, with the matcha flavor being complimented by the sweet chocolate.

s10-14Roasted Coffee Candy: Charcoal roasted coffee is used in this dark brown hard candy. I’ve had coffee candy before, but this one is way stronger! It has the flavor of a bitter, dark cup of coffee and tastes more complex than your typical coffee hard candy.

s10-4This month’s box was perfect for October! There wasn’t any one item that was a disappointment, and I always love the attention to detail by Snakku. Snakku continues to be a unique Japanese snack box. My favorites this month were the Kuriko Momiji (YUM), Kuri Senbei, Matcha Chocolate Crunch, and Roasted Coffee Candy.

You can purchase a Snakku subscription here, with the tasting boxes at $15.75/month and the original box at $38.75/month. Free shipping and tracking information to the USA.

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