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The WhiskerBox is a themed cat subscription box that features 4-6 artisan items for your pampered feline each month. What you’ll receive ranges from apparel (you can select your size) to food & treats (you can swap these out for non-edible items if you need to) to toys, with boxes having a value of $65+. Proceeds go towards shelters, rescues, and feral sanctuaries. Until the end of the month, subscriptions are on sale for $39.95. This can be combined with our affiliate code to bring the price down further to $35.96 per month.


Right off the bat this box resembles a lifestyle or beauty box more than a pet box in design.


The theme for the October box is Skeletons in the Closet. I love themed boxes so much.


Now I see how this box gets its $65+ value. According to the prices on the info card, the items in this month’s box are valued at $72!  $35 for a costume? Yikes. One thing you’ll notice is that it looks like WhiskerBox is including shipping in its individual item values.


This birbit is half rabbit, half bird. This simple toy by Whiskers’n Paws was promptly stolen by Nero, who fell in love with it and lost it about half a day later. Now he roams the house looking for it. Poor Nero.


This small kicker toy has an adorable Halloween pattern.


So cute! It makes crinkle sounds when Livi murders it.


This postcard is actually an ad for For Mew, who made the crinkle toy.


They do prints too!


Pumpkin? Even the cat food is Halloween-ish. This small can was devoured by my two vacuums in under 30 seconds. This can is really not meant to share between multiple cats.


I can’t say I’ve seen egg flavored cat treats before. These are shaped like cat heads. Olivia refused to eat these, but Nero could not get enough of them, and complained loudly for more.


Oooh, a bonus item! Human treats!


KITTY BOW TIE. AAAAAAAAAH. My cats don’t wear collars (the last time I tried a collar on Livi, she ate it), so this sweet little candy corn bow tie will likely be sent onward to Beeju.


Behold, the bane of my cats’ existence! It’s a little too small for Livi and a little too big for Nero, but I sure tried my hardest to photograph their misery. Since the mane keeps getting stuck in the velcro, it comes undone quite easily.


As always, the box remains the most popular item.


Livi manages to knock the the box over while standing inside it.


Once the box is neatly stacked back into place, Nero knocks it down again.


Do they smother these boxes in catnip?


Seriously, you guys know there are toys, right?


Nero enjoyed flailing around with this one for a while.


I had to wait until he got tired to take a picture of him, otherwise I would’ve just photographed a black motion blur.


While Nero is off losing the birbit, Livi practices her bunny kicks while murdering this toy.


This is the look of a cat that hates life….and me. Probably mostly me.


Nero tries to escape the lion costume. He fails.


Olivia tries to destroy the mane while it is still attached to Nero. She fails.


Eventually Nero gives up and waits for me to go away and stop bothering him.


So what do I think of Whiskerbox? I think the contents of the box are solid. It’s interesting to see a pet box that dedicates a chunk of each month to fashion, but that can be pretty hit or miss depending on how well your cat tolerates it. I’m not big on the listed values of some of the items (that lion’s mane actually does list for about $30, though it is currently on sale for much less, so when you add in shipping…ouch), but they’re not egregiously overvalued when you consider the shipping fees when buying each item separately. If anything, I’m interested to see how this box progresses over the next few months.

Interested in WhiskerBox? Check it out here (referral link) and use our affiliate code BEEJUBOXES to save 10% for life off of your subscription.

PR Sample. Referral Link. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. My cats are going to murder me in my sleep for dressing them up. Send help.

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  1. It seems cute, but I don’t think I like it enough for that price. And I think my little one would hate the clothing. He is happy with milk rings, crumpled up balls of paper, cardboard scratchers, cat trees and his crinkle tunnel. : ) I keep thinking I’ll sign up for a pet box but Ive bought Orion a few pricier items and he’s not interested so why waste the money I feel. He likes the cheap and simple stuff lol. But I know he’d love that birbit toy to death! I’ll have to look into that.

    Your kitties are cuties by the way. <3

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