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Bokksu is a monthly subscription box of Japanese snacks. They include 13-15 more traditional snacks paired with a tea. They focus on curating snacks that are more unique, and the box includes a tasting guide. Shipping is free to the US, and folks in Canada pay $5. The box ships on the 10th of each month, and you are billed on the 20th for the upcoming month. It’s the only Japanese snack box, to my knowledge, to include a tea specifically picked to go with the treats.

img_0353This month’s theme was all about Autumn flavors in Japan. Apparently “autumn is the season for eating” since so many yummy foods are available! As someone who is all about apple cider season, I can get on board with this concept. There were 5 different treats included as well as a green tea.

img_0357The info cards from Bokksu are always beautiful, and I love the fall scene on this one. The card gives details about each snack, including if there are any common allergens. The packing grass protects the snacks well, and they’re nicely organized so it looks like a present when you open it!

img_0362Golden Sweet Potato Cake by Nakajima Taishodo: The sweet potato flavor is very strong, and I get a little hint of cinnamon. There isn’t a lot of sweetness in this cake, which you may or may not like depending on your palette. Sweet potatoes are definitely a Japanese staple, especially when it’s cold outside, so this fits the theme perfectly.

img_0369Honey Glazed Apple Pie by Nakajima Taishodo: This is another sweet treat that isn’t very sweet! There’s whole pieces of baked apple in the center of this pastry which lend a bit of sweet flavor, and the pie crust is very flaky and crunchy. This treat went really well with the included tea!

img_037320th Century Pear Langues De Chat by Okashi No Kotobuki Jou: This is a sandwich of butter cookies with a layer of white chocolate and pear inbetween. I’m not used to having pear flavored sweets, so this was surprisingly good! The cookie doesn’t overpower the pear flavor, so it tastes sweet and light.

img_0377Hazelnut Cafe Rusk by Tokyo Rusk: I’m growing to love rusks, so I was happy to see some in this month’s box! This rusk is a twice-baked baguette slice flavored with hazelnuts and coffee. It’s a perfect bite of sweet, savory, crunchy, and bitterness. This definitely feels like a fall treat!

img_0381Persimmon Monaka by Ishii Bussan: The last snack is a monaka with a persimmon filling. Monaka is made with a crispy mochi shell which tastes like a yummier ice cream cone! The permission filling was divisive—some of my family didn’t like it, but I enjoyed it! Permissions aren’t common were I live, so it was a new tangy flavor. The texture of the filling is like a thick fruit paste, which contrasts nicely with the crunchy shell.

img_0387Apple Green Tea by Yamamotoyama: This is now one of my favorite teas! It smells amazing right out of the package. Like fresh, fall apples with a hint of the green tea. You can see the tea has bits of dried apple and rose petals. After brewing the tea for about 5 minutes at 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) it was a light green color. At first you taste a strong green tea (but not very bitter) and then you get an aftertaste of fresh apple. It’s perfect for autumn, and it goes very well with all the included snacks.

img_0391Overall, this month’s box perfectly fit the Autumn theme. They included flavors like hazelnut, persimmon, apple, and sweet potato. They also included a few individually wrapped packages of each treat, which is perfect for sharing. My favorites were the Apple Green Tea, Pear Langues De Chat, and Hazelnut Cafe Rusk. Bokksu is one of the more high-end Japanese snack boxes, and the price reflects that. You get very unique snacks that usually aren’t mass-produced candy. With the holidays coming up, this subscription would make a wonderful gift to the foodie in your life!

You can purchase your box here for $39 per month, with free shipping to the US and $5 shipping to Canada. Use the coupon code “BEEJU” for 10% of your first box!

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