New Box Alert – ZenPop Japanese Packs


ZenPop is a brand new box straight from Japan. It has several iterations including Snacks/Sweets, Beauty, Ramen and Stationery. That last one is kinda new! :D

From ZenPop:

Every pack from ZenPop will be authentically Japanese. All items are picked and packed by our Japanese staff, and each pack includes a variety of items in each category.

  • Sweets/Snacks: 13 or more Japanese snacks including candies, cookies, crackers.
  • Ramen/Cup noodles: 9 Japanese cup noodles including Udon(flour noodle), Soba(buckwheat noodle), Ramen, Yakisoba(fried noodle).
  • Beauty: 10 or more items including a few accessories like nail stickers.
  • Stationery: at least 13 different kinds of items.

All the packs ship immediately straight from Japan, and for free Worldwide! The boxes each cost $35 but you can get your first one for 10% off ($31.50) for a limited time. This isn’t a subscription.

I’m really interested in the Beauty version since Japanese beauty is notoriously expensive, but the photo they give shows mostly masks. I did end up grabbing a stationery though!

Get ZenPop here. 


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