Geek Fuel – September 2016 Review


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Geek Fuel is a geek & gamer themed subscription box that always contains a new exclusive t-shirt (both men’s and women’s sizes available S-3XL) and a Steam code, as well as a wide variety of other fun goodies (magnets, travel pouches, comics, punk rock devil Tweety blind box figures).


Admittedly, I did think this was an actual issue of the long defunct Nintendo Power magazine. (Wait, Nintendo Power’s last issue was only in 2012!? I thought it died in like 1999.)


Right off the bat you can tell that this month’s batch of items are not exactly items that that have been seen before in previous months (at least as long as I’ve been getting this box). All the items are Geek Fuel exclusives.



Hey, there’s the X-Men item I was asking for back in April!


Mario please stop destroying property.




I really do wish the gift guides told you where to buy these things. I need that ps1 bag in my life (yay, it’s on Amazon!).


Yay, an affordable section!


Geek Fuel has really been on a Harley Quinn kick it seems.


Inside the box are four coloring book style posters.


On a scale of 1-10, Batman ranks a -43 in terms of smiles. His expression is literally just >:[


More Harley Quinn.


I am 100% incapable of inflating this without my lungs just straight up dying, so here’s an uninflated mallet picture. The flat side of the mallet says “Your Face Here.” Hee.


This item isn’t listed on the info card, but it’s a rather large sticker of Geek Fuel’s mascot, Fuel.


One thing I like about Geek Fuel’s featured games each month is that lately they’ve been packaging the code with a item. Last month’s game came with magnets, and the month before that had an air freshener. This month came with a sticky ball thing like you used to get for a quarter in the little machines by the door of every supermarket. This is a neat little bit of nostalgia, but not particularly useful. The game itself, Blacksea Odyssey, is a rather fun top-down shooter (in space!). The boss fights are by far the highlight of the game. This is definitely the best game featured in Geek Fuel over the past several months.


This is easily my favorite item this month. This cutting board is a very nice tribute to the old NES cartridges.


Light Knife Series!


If you’re actually going to use this as a cutting board, I recommend flipping it over and using the flat side. Some parts of the wood were still a little rough for me, so I’d also recommend giving it a quick once over before you accidentally wind up with splinters in your food. Even with its imperfections, this is one of my all time favorite geeky sub box items. Why? Utility! I’m a big fan of items that I can actually make significant use out of.


Of course, I’m also a big fan of getting t-shirts in sub boxes! This month’s shirt arrives around the same time as the movie’s dvd/blu-ray release. Not surprisingly, the shirt comes with a tag advertising this. It’s neat that the shirt also comes in the classic X-Men blue and yellow. While it isn’t the most exciting shirt that Geek Fuel has sent, it’s still a nice design.


I thought that the September box had a rather nice balance of items (both DC and Marvel in one box!). Honestly, the only item I wasn’t really big on (besides the random sticky thing) was the inflatable mallet. Still, it’s a much better box than August’s.

Interested in Geek Fuel? Check it out here. (Referral Link)

PR Sample. Referral links. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Still holding out for a Star Trek item.

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