DegustaBox – October 2016 Review

Degustabox (affiliate link)

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Degustabox is a monthly subscription box containing at least 10 full size grocery store items. It’s $19.99 per month with free shipping and tracking. Right now Degustabox USA is only available in the contiguous United States—so that excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories.

img_0113They are already established in five European countries, and have expanded into America. The premise is simple: 10-15 thoughtfully picked grocery items, with some that area also new to shelves. It’s a way to try new items that you may not usually buy as well as saving money. They promise that each box’s value exceeds the subscription price. You can also earn points towards a free box by reviewing items and referring friends.

img_0116October’s box arrived nicely packed, including the glass items in bubble wrap. The box itself has really cute food patterns on it. The informational sheet includes a little write up on each product, it’s retail value, and two recipes on the back. Both of the recipes look very easy and use the included pasta and tomato sauce. (I appreciate how every month their recipes seem very yummy and practical!) This box also included a few coupons for some of the items.

img_0121Jones Soda ($1.79) Jones Soda was super cool to drink when I was younger for some reason, so seeing the iconic bottle brought back memories! This soda is pumpkin pie flavor! Very appropriate for October. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but I appreciated the notes of cinnamon. I have to admit that I once had a candle that smelled exactly like this soda, so it was hard not to associate the two!

img_0139Numi Tea Sampler ($3.99) This little box of tea includes one individually wrapped teabag of each flavor: Aged Earl Grey, Rooibox Chai, Breakfast Blend, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Orange Spice, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon. As soon as you open the box a heavily smell greets you. I haven’t tried each flavor yet, but the Orange Spice and Chamomile Lemon are very good. Each package has instructions on how to brew that specific tea.

img_0140Palo Popcorn ($0.99/each) This popcorn brand contains no trans fats, preservatives, or gluten. They use coconut oil on their popcorn, and two flavors were included: white cheddar cheese and bacon cheddar. I really liked the white cheddar! There is a liberal use of coconut oil however, which might be too much for some folks.

img_0147Hometown Bagel Chips ($1.99/each) It’s been ages since I’ve had bagel chips, so these were a fun surprise. They included two bags, one garlic and one cinnamon. Both were excellent, but I really loved the cinnamon. They weren’t too sweet, and would go amazing with cream cheese.

img_0159Lovely Candy ($2.49) I’ve seen this brand around, my this is my first time trying on of their products. These chewy candies are all natural, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, kosher and have no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. Perhaps most importantly, they taste amazing! It’s similar to the texture of a Starburst candy, but a little softer and made with cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry. There’s little bits of fruit in each individually wrapped chew. I would definitely buy these again!

img_0169La Tortilla Factory ($2.99) These healthy tortillas are made with unbleached wheat flour. They were a little too moist for my taste, but my husband loved them! I do like how pliable they are—perfect for soft tacos.

img_0174Wasa Thins ($2.99) These are thin, baked crackers flavored with sesame and sea salt. They’re very crunchy and would go very well with some sort of dip or spread. I can see this flavor going well with hummus.

img_0179Energems ($5.99) This dark chocolate energy supplement has vitamin B, vitamin D, and caffeine. I really like the idea of these—like any human I crave caffeine, but coffee can give me an upset stomach in the morning and soda is too sugary. I especially like the added vitamins, particularly vitamin D! I would definitely but them again.

img_0188Crown Nut ($1.99) These almonds hail from California and are sriracha flavored. I gave these to my spouse since he loves sriracha, and he really liked them! Not too spicy, these are a protein-packed snack. The package talks about eating nuts as an alternative to meat in regards to protein, which is appreciated in our mixed omnivore-vegetarian home.

img_0200Barilla Marinara Sauce ($2.39) This pasta sauce is made with tomatoes, olive oil, and herbs. It tastes very balanced. I find that tomato sauces can lean sweet or tart, and I’d say this one is a touch more sweet. It’d be a good base for recipes since it’s more of a basic sauce versus a heavily flavored one. They included a little booklet with more information about Barilla products and recipes.

img_0202Barilla ProtienPLUS Pasta ($2.39) Another Barilla product, this pasta could very well be used with the included sauce! It’s nice that you have the makings of a meal included. I’ve actually eaten the ProteinPLUS pasta before, again to make sure we’re getting enough protein since I rarely eat meat and my husband’s vegetarian. There’s 17 grams per serving, which is a lot! I also like that there’s omega-3s as well. For such a healthy pasta, it actually tastes pretty good. It can be a little chewy, so sometimes I boil it a little longer than I usually would with pasta. I really love this product!

img_0208Degustabox put together another fun and well rounded box for October! The value of the box based on the included retail prices is $32.97, which is well over the price of the box. The Lovely Candy, Energems, Numi Tea, and Barilla products were my favorites. It’s very fun to try new brands and mix up our usual grocery shopping habits.

Degustabox USA is available here (affiliate link) for $19.99 per month with free shipping and tracking. Use the coupon “DEGUSTA10” to save half off your first box.

PR sample. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received. Affiliate links are in this post, and they are noted when used.



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