GlobeIn – Savour Box Review

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The Globe In Savour Box is a special edition one time box that features artisan and fair trade items for your kitchen! This box is still available in their shop for 50$, or you can buy the items individually.

From Globe In:

“It’s no wonder the sensual experience of letting something delicious melt into our tongues best teaches us what it’s like to enjoy something completely, to slow down enough so that the full range of its flavor palette stretches out and unfolds like tingly muscles after a night’s sleep. Indeed, when we savour, we are newcomers to the world again, our senses keen to receive.

Of course, savouring’s a two-way street—the food’s got to be good! The senses must be pleased!

The items in this zesty kit come from regions that were once hubs of the ancient spice trade. From Filipino salt and basketry, to Palestinian painting and ceramics, to Indian woodcarving, these items arrive with a message for the senses: to taste, see, and relish, to hear, touch, and twang, to sniff, zing, and essence—to mmmm.”

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Palm Leaf Basket – Mexico
This is really neat – everything comes housed in it, but it’s not like a typical sturdy basket. It has a lot of bend to it, but is lovely for holding smaller, lighter items like scarves. The story of Filomena is really inspiring as well; it says that working with GlobeIn has allowed her to provide food and medicine for herself, given that she was a single parent to her four children when her husband passed. This is a craft I’d love to learn, they’re so beautifully made.

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Neem Wood Spice Bowl – India
Is it wrong to be attracted to a spice bowl? This is absolutely stunning; it’s so well made, it’s smooth, it’s beautiful, and it’s just the right size. We use it for salt, and just.. unf I want a whole set of these. This is another item that assisted impoverished countries and communities in India.

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Ceramic Spoon Rest – Palestinian Territories
This is a gorgeously hand painted spoon rest, painted by an employee of a glass company that has been in business for over 60 years. It’s large enough for most utensils, and easy to clean. My mom laid claim to this even though our kitchen is primarily red, and it complements the spice bowl nicely.

Salt & Pepper Shakers – Palestinian Territories
Absolutely stunning. I love this set, it’s so well done. Honestly you just don’t get things like this anywhere else, and there’s something so special knowing this comes from a fair trade artisan.

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This set was absolutely spectacular, it’s so well curated, all the items are such high quality. GlobeIn is one of those special boxes that connects you to a piece of the world through items you may not see anywhere else.

This box is still available, and the items are also individually sold if you’re just interested in one thing. You can get everything here.

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