Barkbox Review-August 2016 Review and Discount Offer


Barkbox (affiliate link) A monthly subscription for your favorite four legged canine!

12 months for $20 /bx

6 months for $24 /bx

1 month for $29 /bx


I purchased this box on my own. I have received no compensation for my honest review. Links found within this review ARE affiliate links.

Deals: Click this link to sign up through Groupon. There are three options: 3 months for $79, includes an extra toy, 6 months for $139 includes extra toy, or 12 months for $259 which also includes the extra toy. Not interested in the extra toy? Use code save10  at for $10 off your order. The Groupon deal is absolutely the best value though. Barkbox is a montly subscription that delivers toys and snacks for your pup. Boxes are curated around a theme and options are available for different sized dogs. More importantly, if your pup has special needs or tastes, you can drop Barkbox a note and they will be sure to accommodate you. My pug Pia cannot eat beef, chicken, or gluten. She will get terrible ear infections if we fall off the diet wagon. I told Barkbox it’s ok to send some things she can’t have since Artie has no restrictions, but they are still very careful to include only things they can both enjoy. That says so much about them as a company!


The theme for the August box was California Droolin’. Get it? Like California Dreamin’ but for dog! Lol. Let’s look at everything inside!

Info Card:


Barkbox kills me with their creativity! I love that this month’s info card was like a People magazine. Hilarious!

Next up: Snacks

Fish Taco Treats


Since my pup Pia is mainly on a fish diet, these were a very welcome sight! She thinks they’re delicious. Artie likes them too.

Seaside Snacks


These are Lamb and Honey flavor, so the seaside snacks title confuses me… But Artie thinks they’re fantastic, so what do I know?

Piggy Twizzies


My dogs are never sad to see a Piggie Twizzie in their box. This one is huge at 12″!

And last but not least: TOYS!

Palm Tree


This is so cute, and fits with the California Droolin’ theme perfectly! The pups liked this one a lot.

Fish Taco


I saved the best for last! Fish Taco?! Is this not the best thing you’ve seen all week? I died a little when I saw it in the box. So cute!!!

As always, this box was adorably well curated. My pups loved this box and I loved everything, especially that fish taco!

I’m impressed every month with Barkbox. Both dogs seem to really love the toys, they always pull Barkbox toys from Toy Mountain before any of the others. I definitely recommend this sub if you want to spoil your fur-baby.

Head on over to Groupon to sign up today!


I purchased this box on my own. I have received no compensation for my honest review. Links found within this review ARE affiliate links.

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