Freedom Japanese Market – June 2016 Review

Freedom Japanese Market (affiliate link)

$12.99-$49.99/month–Free international shipping!

Ships from Japan


Run by an expat family in Japan, Freedom Japanese Market offers three sizes of Japanese snack boxes: Puchi, 5-8 snacks($12.99.month), Original, 12-16 snacks ($24.99/month), and Family, 2x snacks of Original ($49.99/month). I’m reviewing the original size.

IMG_9133Ken, Sanae, Juliet, and Kevin put together this box of treats for June! Every month includes a different handmade origami, and this month is a cute snail! The origami is a super cute and thoughtful touch, and the snail is very appropriate for June’s rainy season in Japan.


The info sheet tells you what’s inside your box, whether you got the puchi (small), original, or family size.

IMG_9167Salty Vanilla Country Ma’am Cookies: These are sweet chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t really taste the “salty vanilla” flavor, but they’re still very tasty! It’s like a better Chips Ahoy, if you’re familiar with those.

IMG_9156Ninjin Rice Puffs: This reminds me so much of Easter! This is a cellophane carrot (“ninjin”) bag with puffed rice inside (the bag is orange, and the puffed rice is white). This is so cute! The snack itself is subtly sweet, and it reminds me of a cereal I had when I was a kid. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked these, but I kept going back for more! I like that they aren’t too sweet.

IMG_9169Milk Pocky: We’re all pretty familiar with Pocky here. This variation has a sweet milk coating. Milk is is a flavor in Japan, at least in a way I haven’t seen in America. This treat reminds me more of white chocolate than of milk.

IMG_9159Tezukuri Ramune: A DIY kit! For this kit you mix the powders with water and then fill the included molds. I really like DIY kits that come with cute molds, and this one is simple enough to figure out with no knowledge of Japanese. Just follow the photo instructions on the back, and you’re all set.

IMG_9157Mashuro: This snack tastes like a typical marshmallow, with maybe a hint of fruit flavor? The little mascot on the packaging is super cute!

Dark Chocolate Kit Kats: These Kit-Kats are made with dark chocolate instead of the usual milk. It’s a very smooth and sweet dark chocolate, and I imagine people who usually find dark chocolate too bitter would still like these. I adore dark chocolate, so these are some of my favorite Kit-Kats.

IMG_9148Fried Potato: Haha, I like that this is marketed as an American snack! (I do really love potatoes…) Japan has a lot of potato snacks that are shaped liked french fries, which I am totally okay with. These taste like thick salted potato chips.

IMG_9165Maken Gummi: This gummy is in the shape of a hand, and can be formed into the different hand shapes for “rock, paper, scissors,” or in Japanese, “jan, ken, pon!” The gummy itself has a firm texture, and is energy drink flavored. To me, “energy drink” tastes like Mountain Dew and Smarties. It’s pretty good!

Watermelon Gum: This package includes two sticks of gum, and they even have little black seeds! The watermelon flavor isn’t too strong or artificial tasting, which is really nice. Watermelon candy is always very appropriate in summer snack boxes!

IMG_9175Croquezu: The packaging is amazing. I don’t get it, but it’s amazing. This snack is a rice cracker that tastes like a savory croquette. It has a hint of spice to it, and very crunchy texture.


Premium Curry Katsu: This savory snack is a strip flavored like curry katsu—a dish usually consisting of a thick stew-like curry and a pounded, breaded, and fried pork cutlet on top. It’s one of my favorite Japanese comfort foods. The snack itself wasn’t my favorite, just because it was odd to have the taste of curry katsu in a jerky-like strip! It smells and tastes very similar to the actual dish, but it is a little sweeter than the real thing.

IMG_9141Curl Cheesy Corn Puffs: These were one of my favorites! It’s corn puffs with a cheese coating. The Olympics imagery on the packaging is cute and it says there are 6 different types of cheese used! That’s pretty awesome, as Japan stereotypically doesn’t have a lot of cheese variety. These are a light, crunchy snack with a smooth hit of cheese flavor. They aren’t as greasy as other cheese puffs, and the bag is large enough for sharing (if you’re feeling generous, of course).

IMG_9184Unchoko: This is a bonus item! The name is a play off the words for poop (unko) and chocolate. The packing is super cute, so you get over the potty-humor pretty quickly. It’s a little cardboard sheep that you put the chocolate inside, and yeah…it poops it out. The candy itself is nothing to write home about, but lets be honest—the candy is not the focus for this snack. The cute pooping animal is.

IMG_9132Freedom Japanese Market continues to have a great bang for your buck. The original box is $24.99, and they pack the box full. They include a good variety of sweet and savory snacks, as well a balance of more mainstream vs. unique flavors. (As always, if you have any food allergies, be careful with what you eat! When in doubt, pass it along to a friend.) I also really appreciate that they have free worldwide shipping! That’s fairly unusual for Japanese snack boxes, especially for one that’s based out of Japan. The handmade origami is a thoughtful touch as well.

You can subscribe to this box here, starting at $12.99 up to $49.99 depending on size (affiliate link). Use “beejuboxes” in the comment box upon checkout to receive a free additional snack!

PR Sample. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received. Affiliate links are in this post, and they are noted when used.



Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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  1. Ninjin rice puffs are so yum! They remind me of a softer Honey Smacks and less sugary but still good. I got them only once but they were gone quick! Definitely a mindless eating type snack, lol. I haven’t had anything else you got in this box myself, but I love pretty much all things rice cracker from Japan. : ) That Unchoko box was super cute too!

    1. They are just like Honey Smacks! I totally forgot about those. :D And yeah, it’s totally for mindless munching.

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