Terra Bella Box – June 2016 Review & Coupon

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Terra Bella Box
Use code BEEJUBONUS to receive a free gift with your first full-size subscription box
$32.95 per month – Free Shipping
The Make-up Edit –  $29.95 per month
Ships Worldwide

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This Terra Bella Box smelled of summer before I even opened it! My husband literally walked into the room with this box and asked me what smelled so good.


Every box contains handmade, cruelty-free make-up and beauty products created with love by small businesses.


This month they introduced a price DECREASE (when does that happen?) and a brand new natural and cruelty-free make-up only box called The Make-up Edit. Starting in July, subscribers can switch between the regular Terra Bella Box which will include 3-4 cruelty-free products per month or the Makeup Edit which will include at least three makeup products per month.



I feel like all of these goodies are perfect for a summer box.


Mann-Made Bath & Body ~ Sunscreen Stick ~ $12.00

I already know I will buy this all natural sunscreen stick again. It is supremely moisturizing and smells very faintly of lavender. My favorite thing about it, though, is its ease of application. I need easy when dealing with three busy girls. Plus, we had no drippies to make little eyes hurt. I haven’t tried this at the pool or lake yet, but it was perfect for a Father’s Day picnic.

This sunscreen stick is full of safe, natural ingredients to help protect against harmful UV rays, making it approximately SPF 30. It really works!! Organic, unrefined coconut oil, shea butter, and lavender essential oil help provide a low SPF and a smooth rub on application. A good amount of beeswax allows this sunscreen stick to be lightly waterproof (my son jumped in the pool and it was still on!). 100% carrot seed essential oil provides natural sun protecting benefits, and non-nano zinc oxide sets a strong barrier between harmful UV rays and your skin.


River’s Bend Botanicals ~ Refreshing Peppermint Dusting Powder ~ $8.00

I have never received a dusting powder in a box before, and honestly, I didn’t even know that I needed it. But I needed it! My husband and I both used this powder in our water sandals yesterday, and we both loved it. It made my rubbery sandals blister-free and feel really smooth. Plus, (TMI) my feet did NOT stink after a day frolicking in the sun. I thought the peppermint smell would be somewhat overwhelming, but it is really subtle and smells clean! I seriously love this product. (One word of warning: use something strong to open the safety seal. I went all she-hulk with an eyebrow pencil and may or may not have broken it.)

Everyone wants to stay fresh all day, but no one wants to rub deodorant all over their body! River’s Bend Dusting Powder absorbs perspiration and smooths your skin, making you feel fresh and dry. This natural and light powder is perfect for feet, shoes, pits, knee-pits, or anywhere else that you tend to perspire. I also like to sprinkle some on my sheets when I make the bed, or before I crawl in. Silky smooth!

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The Merry Apothecary ~ Brightening Mineral Veil ~ $7.00

This Mineral Veil is an all-natural, vegan finishing powder. I tried it with and without make-up, and I have to say my forty-one-year old-skin looked better with a bit of make-up under the mineral veil. I think this is perfect for absorbing shine and making your face smell like an orange creamsicle in a very good way.

Arrowroot powder is a gluten and corn free alternative to other natural and chemical face powders. I have yet to see anyone have a reaction to arrowroot powder, since it is so gentle on the skin. Arrowroot normally gives a smooth matte finish to the skin, so this product also uses ginger powder. Ginger powder stimulates the skin to brighten your complexion as well as giving the mineral veil a slight shimmer. Orange oil also helps brighten your complexion, though it’s delicious scent doesn’t hurt either!


Formulary 55 ~ Sparkling Bath Tablet in Summer Solstice  ~ $6.00

Confession: I love bath bombs so much that sometimes I hoard them. This one smells like limes mixed with summer, and it will be perfect for tonight: the actual Summer Solstice! I love that these have almond oil because my skin will feel so soft!

Formulary 55 sparkling bath fizzies are made of ground dead sea salts mixed with signature fragrance blends. When placed in a full tub of water, the tablet fizzes and distributes the fragrance and skin soothing oils throughout the water. One tablet to unwind, or you can break each one up.


Dermadeli ~ Invigorating Vitamin C Serum  ~ $28.99

I have been wanting to try this Vitamin C Serum because I love the sun and my eye wrinkles are a true testament to that fact. I haven’t been using it long enough to see any big changes, but my skin does feel soft and it did NOT make me break out which is a major bonus. Plus, keeping it in the fridge makes for a pretty refreshing serum moment.

The antioxidant and repair qualities of Invigorating Vitamin C Serum include repairing skin from UV damage, decreasing wrinkles, and improving skin’s elasticity. Our product is delivered to you freshly made at a 15% concentration.  Unlike other Vitamin C Serum products, our Invigorating Vitamin C Serum is not pre-made and then placed on a shelf for months; our Invigorating Vitamin C Serum is produced when your order is received and shipped right away.


The Dermadeli Vitamin C Serum practically paid for this whole box. I think the value is amazing, especially since Terra Bella Box is a small business supporting small businesses. Terra Bella Box is currently offering a Pick Your Own Product Box for $32.95 . . . most if not all of the products in May and June’s boxes are available.


Every July box will include a 4 oz. Margarita Sour Body Scrub by Skin Fix. Yes! I want a margarita (body scrub) right now! If you are interested in Terra Bella, use code BEEJUBONUS HERE to get a FREE gift with your first month!

PR Sample. Referral links. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. Who else wants a margarita?


I live in Utah with my carnivorous husband, three swell daughters, and two semi-trained dogs at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Sometimes I write for money, but usually I just play Candy Crush.

I am a vegan, homeschooling mom who might be a tad obsessed with subscription boxes. My infatuation is evidenced by my uncanny ability to recognize the sound of my mail carrier’s truck engine. I’d like to say don’t judge me, but if I were you, I’d judge me. I love vegan/eco-friendly, literary and thoughtfully curated boxes.
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