Freedom Japanese Market – April 2016 Review

Freedom Japanese Market

$12.99-$49.99/month–Free international shipping!

Ships from Japan


Run by an expat family in Japan, Freedom Japanese Market offers three sizes of Japanese snack boxes: Puchi, 5-8 snacks($12.99.month), Original, 12-16 snacks ($24.99/month), and Family, 2x snacks of Original ($49.99/month). I’m reviewing the original size.


Trains in Japan are pretty amazing, and this cute candy looks to be a shinkansen! Inside are two bags of little chocolate balls, about a centimeter in diameter. They’re very crunchy, and taste mostly of the candy shell around a little tiny bit of chocolate that I assume is in the middle. Honestly, they don’t taste great. The value here is in the adorable packaging.

This month’s origami is my favorite so far! It’s a cute little daruma. It’s a doll modeled after Bodhidharma, who founded zen buddhism, and is a thought to be good luck.


I think it’s kinda funny to have a vampire on the package of sugary gum—the whole teeth thing, you know? This gum tastes like cola, but the real fun is that it turns your mouth red! (Hence the vampire.) You have to chew a few pieces for the full effect.

I love getting chocolate coins in different currencies. This coin is true to the color, size, and pattern of a 10 yen coin. The chocolate tastes really good, and has a strong coffee flavor.

Before I looked at the info sheet, I thought this gummy was supposed to be an eyeball. Maybe the vampire gum was making me think spooky things? However, it’s a frog egg! It’s a basic gummy with a nice cola flavor.


Matcha Kit Kats! I’m neutral about matcha flavored candy myself, but my husband and friends love this with a passion. I’m always happy to see Japanese Kit Kats in snack boxes, and they’re always fun to share.

The choco pie looks super delicious, but doesn’t quite live up to it’s appearance. It’s rather hard, and the dense crust overpowers the chocolate. I usually like a bit of salt in my sweets, but a half the bar oddly had a strong salty taste.


The lemon cheesecake Pocky were another favorite. If you’re familiar with Pocky, these are about half the size and at least twice as thick. The packaging is adorable—there’s actually a whole series based on this design and you can use an app to play a love story. It’s complicated, so you can read more about that here. The flavor of the Pocky is strongly lemon, with a hint of cheesecake. The lemon tastes very fresh, and not artificial at all. There are three packs inside, for a total of 12 sticks.

These ume (plum) mints have a cute retro feel to them. There’s no actual minty flavor here, but a subtle plum taste. I enjoy them, but the sour-earthy aspect can be an acquired taste.


I’ve actually received these “Cheese-Bit” crackers before in a different box, and the flavor is very subtle. I really love cheese, so I wish there was a bit more taste to these. It’s a puffed cracker with a light dusting of cheese flavor. I appreciate that they managed to fit these in the box! It’s a generous sized bag for the size of the box.

This fancy Umaibo (which feels akin to saying “fancy Cheeto”) is amazing. One of my favorite items. I’ve actually received this in a different snack box before, and I was happy to see it again! It’s mozzarella and Camembert cheese flavor. It does smell a bit funky, but it has a smooth, cheesy taste. Usually Japanese cheese flavored snacks can be one-note, but this has a complex flavor. I would like about a dozen more please.


“Ramen Baba” is a seasoned uncooked ramen snack. It’s unique, and the packaging is cute! I’m not a huge uncooked noodle fan, so I’m happy to pass these along to a friend.


“Karappa” is a bag of curry flavored corn puffs. I like curry and corn puffs, so no complaints. Is it worth mentioning the cute packaging again? We can all agree that Japan wins the cute packaging award.

The excited strawberries on the right are “Pachi-Pachi-Panic!” Skoshbox included the cola version of these in their June box. Strawberries and milk isn’t my favorite flavor combination, but that’s just a personal preference. These are popping candy with little milk candies mixed in. This is a flavor that makes sense for this month—strawberry, the lemon Pocky, ume mints, and matcha Kit Kats all felt very spring appropriate.


Lastly, a DIY kit! The info sheet states “Dodotto TsubuPyon: Mix the different powders with water to make your own sour and sweet jellies.” I haven’t done this type of DIY kit myself, but it looks really satisfying to use the octopus shaped dropper! (Bonus points for it actually having 8 “tentacles.”) I’m really excited to try this.

Freedom Japanese Market has another impressive box! I always appreciate the variety. There’s a good mix of flavors, and I appreciate that they include more “adventurous” items, like the ume mints. They also seem to choose fun snacks, whether that means cute packaging or interactive aspects. I’ll mention that you have to be careful if you have dietary restrictions and/or allergies due to the lack of an ingredient list. It’s a great value for the money, and there isn’t a lot of snack overlap with other boxes I’ve gotten.

You can subscribe to this box here, starting at $12.99 up to $49.99 depending on size. Use “beejuboxes” in the comment box upon checkout to receive a free additional snack!

PR Sample. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received.



Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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