Terra Bella Box – May 2016 Review & Coupon

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Terra Bella Box
Use code BEEJUBONUS to receive a free gift with your first full-size subscription box
$34.95 per month – Plus Shipping
Terra Bella Box Lite –  $16.99 per month
Ships Worldwide


Terra Bella Box is a beautifully packaged monthly subscription featuring artisan bath and beauty products.


Everything they include is cruelty free, all-natural and made in small batches by small businesses.


May’s box was one of those packages that smelled delightful before I even got it open.



This is a review for the full-size Terra Bella Box which offers 5-6 products per month. Their Lite box includes 2-3 products per month.

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Purelygreat ~ Cream Deodorant ~ 15.00

Purely Great is a family-owned business located in Canada. I love that they create their deodorants with all-natural (vegan!) ingredients and essential oils.


This lavender scent also has a bit of grapefruit which I really like. It comes with a stir stick, and mixing it up reminds me of stirring frosting which is pretty fun. It’s the small things, I tell you.


A Purelygreat coupon!

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Orglamix ~ Blacquer Shadow + Liner ~ $18.00

I have been wanting to try Orglamix products. They are all-natural and vegan and have the prettiest colors! This is a three-in-one shadow, primer and eye-liner which goes on smoothly and actually feels like it is good for my eyes with all the coconut oil creaminess. It is pretty perfect for a smoky eye. Mine was great for an evening out, but it wasn’t as vivid when I got home. That said, it didn’t leave me looking like a raccoon, either. It just sort of melted into my skin a bit which is great for me since I like a pretty natural-look anyway.

Orglamix ~ Eco Chic Bent Eyeliner Makeup Brush ~ $7.50

This eyeliner brush is possibly my new favorite tool. I’ll admit to being a little intimidated at first by the bent shape, but it works perfectly! All of their brushes are vegan, and the prices are amazing!


Klēn ~ Shower Steamer ~ $3.99

I am in love with this shower steamer in Happy. Jasmine is one of my all-time favorite scents ever, and this little guy nailed it. I sawed mine in half with a bread knife, so I could have two Happy showers. It worked pretty well, actually. Something about adding (half of) this shower steamer to my shower made the day feel a little, well, happier.


Woolin & Co. ~ Handcrafted Soap ~ $7.00

This Ylang Ylang and Geranium scent was created just for Terra Bella Box by Woolin & Co, a Washington-based Etsy artisan. It smells wonderful, but what I love about it most is how moisturizing it is. It’s made with all kinds of oils and butters and makes your skin feel great.  Plus, the floral packaging is so cute.


Meraki Botanicals ~ Rose Lemongrass Toning Mist ~ $20.00

Something in this rose-hydrosol and witch hazel-based blend works wonderfully! I’ve only used it four times, but I swear my skin looks clearer and firmer. I can’t smell the rose, but the whole product has a really clean scent. I think it would work great as a cooling mist, too.


What a fun box! I loved trying new-to-me products from small, cruelty-free businesses. I also liked how the box was a combo of skincare, bath, make-up and my new favorite brush.


June’s boxes will include Dermadeli’s Invigorating Vitamin C Serum which gets rave reviews. I neeeed it! If you want to try Terra Bella Box, use code BEEJUBONUS to receive a free product HERE.

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I live in Utah with my carnivorous husband, three swell daughters, and two semi-trained dogs at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Sometimes I write for money, but usually I just play Candy Crush.

I am a vegan, homeschooling mom who might be a tad obsessed with subscription boxes. My infatuation is evidenced by my uncanny ability to recognize the sound of my mail carrier’s truck engine. I’d like to say don’t judge me, but if I were you, I’d judge me. I love vegan/eco-friendly, literary and thoughtfully curated boxes.
  1. Hello and thank you for your great site and reviews.

    I am looking for a website/subscription who offers to sell past box(S) mainly jewelry and accessories for women. Can you please help me on this?

    Thank you,

      1. thank you for your quick reply…I couldn’t find anything on eBay and their site looks complicated. Can you kindly post a link on ebay or their website?

          1. I am looking for a box that contains 10 to 12 items of Jewelry/accessory (purse,sunglasses,…etc) for 20 years old nephew.

          2. I’m not sure a box like that exists with that much volume of product, there are multiple mystery boxes aimed at women but they’re usually themed like bath or beauty or just jewelry, but not a combination of everything. Usually the most you’ll find in a box like that is 4-5 items, like LuxePineapple

  2. Not Happy! Signed up and was very excited until I received my first box today. The Nov 2016 box. Poor quality and sent a note asking for credit only to be told the fine print said no exchanges or refunds. I cancelled immediately. Will not recommend to anyone.

    1. Oh! I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I’ve had such wonderful luck with Terra Bella Box, but I haven’t gotten it for a few months. Do you mind sharing the contents?

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