Warning About Lippe Box



If you were looking forward to trying the new lipstick subscription box, Lippe Box, then please take note. The lipsticks they sent out are super fake.


Fake Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’d like to think that ABH can spell their own colors.


Notice the strange space in the middle of cosmetics?


This fake MAC is oddly glossy. It has a seam in the bullet and strange black growth on it. Gross.

So yeah, please take heed before subscribing to Lippe Box. *sigh*

Edit – Update more photos

Left is Fake, Right is Legit
Left is Fake, Right is Legit
Typos on the Box
Typos on the Box
Left is Fake Right is Legit
Left is Fake Right is Legit
Cap of a legit mac will not fit on fake mac too. The fake is also half the weight.

D Lys

I like cats. I also like other things that are not cats.

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    1. We didn’t pay for it, they had a free box offer on Instagram so we bit to try it out. We’d be kinda… miffed if we actually paid for this lol

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