PetGiftBox – February 2016 Review & Coupon


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In the grand Beeju Boxes tradition of being late for damn near everything, here’s the February PetGiftBox review (I’m about to one-up myself on lateness with an OCTOBER review later today!). PGB is a box that services both dogs and cats, with each purchase benefiting VetDogs, a wonderful service that supplies service dogs to veterans. The box sends out toys, hygiene items, and treats under a different theme relevant to the closest holiday or sporting event. Unfortunately this one fell a wee bit short.

pgb (11)

Each box comes with an info card that details the items and lists their MSRP.

pgb (5)

Who Rescued Who Car Magnet
This magnet has been driving me up a wall because I know this box has sent this out before but I don’t know when. They used this vendor for a May 2015 box (Memorial Day Themed) but the magnet itself was different. This very magnet is hanging up on my fridge and now I have a set. If I get two more I can one for each cat. Apparently we mention car magnets quite extensively here at Beeju Boxes.

Love Bites Pet Treats
Heart-shaped tuna and cheese treats. PGB started sending out their own brand of treats a few months ago, some are hits and some are misses. These are okay, my guys like them but all four of mine prefer crunchy treats to soft ones.

pgb (4)

What a Tease Snap Toy
That tag is correct – “the toys dogs crave,” but a picture of a cat is depicted. This is a plunger type cat toy that flicks the tail when you squeeze the ever loving hell out of the mouse. It almost feels like a blood pressure cuff. It’s good for clocking your cat right in the nose and ticking them off, but not much else.

pgb (3)

Hearts Catnip Pillow
I like these toys because they’re the right size while being a “cat calmer.”  The material is a tough canvas and not easily torn.

Love is in the Air Catnip Toy
Sophie gravitated toward this immediately, and I wish I had saved it just for her because Artemis shredded this felt heart in 2.5 seconds. CATNIP EVERYWHERE. If you ever want to know if a toy has catnip, give it to my boy. I swear he’s part dog.

pgb (6) pgb (7)

My little lady with a little heart.

pgb (2)

For a box that’s near 30$ in price, I expect more. Toys and catnip pillows are great, but this box used to send things like blankets and brushes; this month seemed really hastily thrown together and less cohesive than last month, and last month wasn’t even “wow.” PGB has been on groupon for a few months now, it’s possible that all the low-cost/freebie boxes are catching up to them. I hope that isn’t the case, and this is just a rare fluke in a string of otherwise fairly solid boxes.

If interested in PGB,  you can get your first box for 9.99$ by clicking here.

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