Jewelry Subscription – February 2016 Review


Jewelry Subscription
$17.99 For 1 Piece – Free Shipping!
Ships mid-month via USPS

Jewelry Subscription is a fairly new box – it sends out at least one piece of jewelry each month, though if you paid a higher price you’d get more pieces. The way it works is after you subscribe you’re sent a form to fill out in which you list the types of jewelry you like/dislike, and the owner, Lisa, customizes that to your preference. Lisa and I exchanged multiple e-mails before she sent out my box and I was thrilled with the results. I don’t remember much about the survey but I know you can say whether or not you have pierced ears – which all jewelry themed subs should do by default.

I bought this during a promotion (now over) in which you get a free jewelry roll if you subscribe to two or more pieces. As all the boxes are different, there is no info card.

jsub (4)

Blue Topaz Ring
One of the most surprising things about this sub was that Lisa was able to find a ring in my gargantuan ring size. Not only that, but it’s a simple, well made ring with a beautiful stone setting. I’d rather not reveal my size but let’s just say I’m outside the range on the questionnaire. ;) (I’m a big gal, bite me)

jsub (2)

Passion Flower Necklace
One of the main things I asked for was something that wasn’t too flashy, but I did like bling (the ultimate oxymoron). I received the passion flower necklace, which is a rather weighty charm with several little dangly chains. It’s really beautiful; my camera just has a conniption trying to photograph anything decently.

jsub (5)

The chain itself is a little short but that’s an easy fix. The pendant is the perfect size, it’s not so large that it’s obtrusive, and it’s wonderful quality.

jsub (3)

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Jewelry Subscription, and especially by how well Lisa matched my style. One of the biggest pros is that this sub is very plus-size friendly, and very involved in selecting the jewelry that’s right for you. I’m probably keeping this one for awhile. This sub is definitely ideal for someone who isn’t so much into the larger, more clunky statement pieces, but would rather have some funner, more traditional pieces.

If you’re interested in Jewelry Subscription, the cost starts at 17.99$ for one piece with free shipping, and you can get it by clicking here.

Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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