TeenYogaBox – November 2015 Review and Coupon

Appreciation for yourself!

$39.95 with a month to month subscription, or save $4.00 a month with a six month subscription

Use code tyb2015 to save 10%
Ships via USPS

TeenYogaBox is a monthly subscription box which includes 3-5 handmade products and activities. From the inspiring website:

Teen Yoga Box isn’t just a box full of awesome hand-made items from around the world, though that in itself is cool; Teen Yoga Box offers something much deeper than that. The goal of each box is to help teen girls find their authentic self by exploring items and activities presented in each box that will encourage positive self-worth, a sense of control over their changing lives and peace of mind.

Each item and/or activity presented in a Teen Yoga Box has been carefully selected to match an empowering theme. With each box, comes a letter from Jennifer Lovely that explains how each item will help encourage, empower and motivate one to live a more fulfilling life.

As the mother of three (3!) lovely daughters, I am constantly striving to help them grow, find calm, happiness and excitement, and contribute to the world in meaningful ways. I am enamored with the vision of TeenYogaBox.


I love the stickers on the package.


This month, TeenYogaBox’s theme is Appreciation for Yourself.


Jennifer Lovely includes a sweet letter explaining the box’s products and offering some encouragement. I don’t care how old you are, it never hurts to hear, “You are unique and strong.”


This box smelled so yummy when we opened it.


These ViraSun Namaste sunnies, with their pink frames and bamboo temples are delightful.


All of my daughters want them.

DSCN3387 (2)

Plus, they are engraved with the word namaste. In Jennifer’s letter she says they are included to “remind you of your light but keep the light out of your eyes.” I love the idea of bringing mindfulness to the simple act of putting on your shades. With a retail value of $35.00, these sunnies pretty much cover the value of the entire box.


This trio of Sweet Sisters products smell so good! “I love the sun” face and body oil is perfect going into the cold months here in Utah when we need a little sun and a lot of soothing for dry skin. The lavender dream sulfate-free body wash is lovely. And, I am a huge fan of linen sprays, especially for sleep. All of my children have made their own blends with our essential oil collection, and this Sweet Dreams spray smells just as good! I love how the first ingredient is gratitude-infused distilled water and the last ingredient is love. I think we all need products made of love. I guestimated the value on these products around $29.00.


I think practicing gratitude is key in feeling fulfilled and at peace, and I love the idea of encouraging teens to practice it daily. I think this little gratitude jar is the perfect inclusion in a November box! Jennifer encourages teens to go back and read their sweet notes when things get rocky. I found jars similar to this for around $8.00 on Etsy.


This Balance candle by Big Dipper Wax Works is the perfect blend of calming (lavender) and stimulating (peppermint). These sell for $5.50.


Jennifer recommends lighting the candle, taking deep breaths and practicing the poses on these darling yoga cards.


This sample size of Supercandy is a fun bonus. Why doesn’t all of our candy have B vitamins? Is healthy candy an oxymoron?


This is my second favorite item in the box (because namaste sunglasses). It is a “Hello Beautiful” note pad made exclusively for TeenYogaBox. “Keeping track of important tasks while acknowledging how awesome you are will help ease the stress of your daily life.”

All totaled, I came up with a value exceeding $80.00 for this box. That is double the cost of the box which is outstanding! For me, though, the thought behind this box is what makes it really special. I wish this box had been around when I was a teen, and I am excited to share it with my daughters.


In my opinion this box isn’t just for teens. I want a subscription for myself! If you want to subscribe or read more about the creator of TeenYogaBox, Jennifer Lovely, you can do so HERE. Don’t forget to use code tyb2015 to save 10%.

PR Sample. No affiliate links. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.



I live in Utah with my carnivorous husband, three swell daughters, and two semi-trained dogs at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Sometimes I write for money, but usually I just play Candy Crush.

I am a vegan, homeschooling mom who might be a tad obsessed with subscription boxes. My infatuation is evidenced by my uncanny ability to recognize the sound of my mail carrier’s truck engine. I’d like to say don’t judge me, but if I were you, I’d judge me. I love vegan/eco-friendly, literary and thoughtfully curated boxes.
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