The Book Drop YA Subscription Box – October 2015 Review

The one where I imagine walking into the cutest bookstore and asking, “What should I read?”

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The Book Drop
$13.00 Per Month for the Young Adult Subscription

Ships between the 21st and 27th of each month via USPS

2 - Subscription Box Reviews!

The Book Drop offers four subscription book boxes curated by the wonderful people from the adorable brick and mortar shop Bethany Beach Books. A trip to this cute bookstore is on my bucket list. They offer four different options, depending on your taste. This is a review of the YA option, but they also offer a children’s option at the awesome price of $9.00/month, a thriller/action option called the Ernest for $16.00/month, and a contemporary/historical fiction option option called The Jane for $16.00/month.

5 - Subscription Box Reviews!

Here’s the sweet note that says why this book was chosen. Happy reading indeed.

3 - Subscription Box Reviews!

I started this book last night, and I love it so far! Sea of Shadows is full of a believable other-world where people speak with spirits and have lively interactions with colorful characters and animal companions. I am thrilled this book was included in this box.

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The box included two bookmarks and a signed nameplate. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a sucker for handwriting, and in my opinion, this signature makes this box.

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This is the softest little Sea of Shadows flag…perfect for cleaning glasses and phones. I’ve never received one of these in a book box, so I thought it was practical and fun!

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In my house of YA readers, we love book suggestion lists, and this particular list was perfect for my daughters. We all want to read Illuminae. Maybe it will be in an upcoming box?

b - Subscription Box Reviews!

I feel like the value in this box comes from fabulous customer service and thoughtful curation that includes a signed bookplate and book swag. I kind of want a subscription to all of The Book Drop genres …

I think the children’s box would make a fantastic gift for a young reader, especially since it is only $9.00 a month! If you want to check out The Book Drop, you can do so right HERE.

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I live in Utah with my carnivorous husband, three swell daughters, and two semi-trained dogs at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Sometimes I write for money, but usually I just play Candy Crush.

I am a vegan, homeschooling mom who might be a tad obsessed with subscription boxes. My infatuation is evidenced by my uncanny ability to recognize the sound of my mail carrier’s truck engine. I’d like to say don’t judge me, but if I were you, I’d judge me. I love vegan/eco-friendly, literary and thoughtfully curated boxes. - Subscription Box Reviews!
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