Kawaii Box – July 2015 Review

Kawaii Box sends you 10-12 Kawaii items from Japan and Korea every month for $18.90 and free shipping.  It ships internationally.  You can expect to get a candy item, cute office supplies, charms, plushies, and stickers in every box. There is also a shop, Blippo.com, where you can find more items like these.

Glitter Glue – There are always fun, little things like this in your box.  You can decorate journals with this or give it as a gift.  There are six colors and four glitters.


Kracie DIY Chain Candy – ($4.20)  This is soda and grape flavored.  You can build a little chain before you eat it.  I love the little candy packages they send with their boxes.  These items are usually taken right away by my teenage daughter.


Toast Coaster – ($1.60) This is one of my favorite items in the box.  It is Kawaii and cute!  I already have it on my desk as my new coaster.  These are so reasonable too so I can buy more.  They come in three different emoticon faces.


Happy Gift Seal Flakes –   ($2.60)  I love little sparkly stickers like this – the site has Alice in Wonderland ones and Panda & Bunny ones!  I can use these in my planner.  These contain 71 pieces.


Korea Kawaii Pencil Set (on sale $2.90) I can always use pencils and when they are Kawaii cute like this, it is perfect.  The Blippo site has tons of pencils and pens that are just as cute.


Rilakkuma Notes  ($4.60) This little note package unfolds to four little note pads and flags with cute designs with the bear Rilakkuma on it.  There are three other little note pads like it in the line.



Pastel Pearl Bracelet ($1.90)  The colors on this are so sweet!  I was going to pass it on to a niece but I like it so much, I might keep it.

IMG_1591[1]Squishy Donut Mirror  ($3.40)   I loved this cute donut even before I knew it had a mirror in it!  Some of my little sprinkles have fallen off but it is still cute.


Dessert Eraser (set of 6 for $5.90) I collect cute, little erasers.  This cupcake is adorable.  I need the whole set of them now.


3 in 1 Alpaca Key chain ($3.90 )  This is my favorite item in the box – every month they usually send something Alpaca in the box and this month’s item is adorable!  I saw a spoiler for this box earlier and was not sure I would be getting it, so this was on my wishlist to buy.


Mushroom Mini Plush ($3.20)  In every box, there is a plushie – this one is super cute.  There are six choices in the shop.  I like to hang these from bags and planners.


This box contained so many Kawaii cute items this month!  I loved everything in it.  The toast Coaster, the Rilakkuma note pad and the Alpaca keychain were my favorite items. The value was not as high as it usually is in their boxes but it was more than price of the sub box.  Check out the Blippo shop and to subscribe to the Kawaii box click here.


Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Jen Hodgen

Jen H is a happily married mother of two who enjoys planners, paper crafting, and sub box subscriptions.Jen has two dogs named PJ and Zoey.Jen works full time in auto insurance but is also a Perfectly Posh consultant.

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