Giveaway – LORAC Vintage Vixen Palette

loracLet’s have a New Years giveaway! This palette was only available on ULTA during Black Friday (12$ each) and I was fortunate enough to pick it up – however after having the palette in my grubby little hands for a month I quickly realize that I’m not going to use it (it was an impulse buy, you understand).

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lorac2This giveaway is for a BRAND NEW, unopened palette. The tape is still on the box, even.

Lorac-Vintage-Vixen-PaletteAll 5 shadows included in the palette are matte, in case the box didn’t tip you off. The best thing? This giveaway is open internationally!

Da Rules:
Open Internationally. BeejuBoxes assumes all shipping costs. Winner selected randomly through Rafflecopter app. Void where prohibited. LORAC Cosmetics is not affiliated with this giveaway in any entity. BeejuBoxes is not responsible for customs/duties/tax fees or seizure. Giveaway runs from 12/28/14 to 1/5/15. I’d recommend looking up the international shipping restrictions for your country first – if your country strictly forbids powder shadows containing any of the ingredients below, then it’s in your best interest not to enter.


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Good luck! :D


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  1. My favorite palette is Naked 2. I dont have one myself, so I borrow my sisters palette. I prefer neutrals and mattes colors <3

  2. Before I tried eyeshadows(I’m a beginner) I thought I would like mattes more but I find that shimmers or eyeshadow with a sheen really help open the eyes. I love using Wet n Wild’s Silent Treatment trio for an everyday effortless look!

  3. ooh!! I’d really like to try this. I like the nuetral matte’s for contouring with certain foundations, the one I had was destroyed by my two year old >.<

  4. hi !

    ––––––– my fave palette is the Lorac Pro Palette 2 because it has a great mixture of both mattes & shimmer shades .

    thank you so much for the chance ! :)

  5. I really love my Naked 2 palette. It’s got a nice mix of shimmers and mattes. Usually I prefer shimmers, but I use both in my daily makeup looks. I like neutral for daily looks but I really love bold eyeshadows for weekends!

  6. I prefer neutral shimmers shades! I’m crazy about the Naked palettes from Urban Decay! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  7. i don’t have my favorite palette. but i like neutral matte shades. this giveaway palette looks so nice. thanks for the chance to win it

  8. thanks for the giveaway beeju! (i just realized… beeju as in bijoux lol? or am i totally off?)
    i like shimmer generally but not if there’s too much fallout! my favorite palette is some cheapy too cool for school one that i bought when i was in korea this summer. :)

    1. Beeju is short for Beefcake Jr (I know, it’s weird lol), and D Lys is the original Beefcake. We’re a pair of odd friends lol.

      I’d love to try more too cool for school products, Memebox doesn’t send too many of those. :/

  9. I LOVE neutrals….the naked palette is probably my most used palette!! I do love my rainforest after dark palette too!

  10. My favorite palette is the Naked 2. And I like both neutral and bright colors, depends on my mood
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. i love matte neutrals because they’re so versatile… you can use them for the brows, and for highlighting and contouring too… :D

  12. I like matte colors and some lighter shimmery colors, my favorite palette that I own (not very many and no name brands mainly bh cosmetics) is the one I just got in my boxycharm this past month, the revealed palette!

  13. Actually I love to vary my make up routine xD
    Hmmm during summer I lprefer matte and bright coloured shades , while during autumn and winter I prefer neutral and shimmery colours ^^

  14. I am really enjoying the Pony palette from Memebox. It is so useful. I prefer shimmery shades, but matte shades are always welcome :)

  15. My favorite palette is the naked 3! Each color is so beautiful and I can use it for all occasions! I love me some shimmers :)

  16. Nude are definitely my colors, I like mattes and shimmers :) I dont have a favorite palette, guess I didnt found one that amaizes me that much but I like L’oreal small quads :D

  17. Day to day I preferer neutrals mattes colours :)
    In a night out I prefer shimmers or strong colours :)
    I like most of sleek palettes, they’re afordable and have great colours :)

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