KitNipBox – November 2014 Review and Coupon!

KitNipBox is an affordable subscription box exclusively for cats!

Open it!
Open it!

19$-29$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Early in Month via USPS
Use code BEEJU15 for 15% off your first box!

*This post is very photo intensive because cats. We like cats.

Human! My box still isn’t open!

KitNipBox is a subscription box exclusively for cats. They’re not exactly new – KitNipBox debuted earlier this year and have since made a huge splash in the kitty subscription box community, filling a needed gap. The kitties know this box is for them too! KitNipBox recently unveiled a new pricing structure and it is as follows:

  • 19$ Happy Cat Box
  • 29$ Multi-Cat Box

They’re also doing gift subscriptions at the following pricing:

  • $29 one month charge
  • $24 3-month subscription; charged at once (save 17%)
  • $21 6-month subscription; charged at once (save 28%)
  • $19 12-month subscription; charged at once (save 34%)

They also ship to Canada and the UK for an additional shipping charge. Shipping is free in the United States.

I am unimpressed with your lack of assistance.

KitNipBox very kindly sent my four lovelies this box for their honest opinions. Names in order of oldest to youngest, Luna (ginger shorthair), Artemis (black maine coon and the only boy), Discha (ginger maine coon and littermate to Artemis), and Sophie (siamese tabby mix). This post is going to be filled with action shots and Discha, because she was way into this box. She’s incredibly vocal anyway but she was straight up demanding when this box made its way here. Diva mode, activate.


Each KitNipBox comes in a large cardboard box, the contents in a drawstring bag. The box comes with two cards –

knbcardThe first card is a purrsonal letter from the KNB team. These guys love kitties, if you follow any of their social networks they post lots of kitty photos and encourage you to share yours! The outside of the card is also customized based on the month/season.

knbinfocardEach box also comes with an item sheet detailing the items, with the exception of one.

knbboxThe box is an item. If they fits, they sits, even if they barely sits due to massive amounts of fur (and an admittedly overabundance of treats thanks to their loving Grandmother).

knbtoysBeadle Bop & Company Apple Slice Catnip Toy
Beadle Bop & Company has been featured in KitNipBox a number of items, they handmade a set of tacos awhile back that were especially popular, and are made by an artisan in Wisconsin who makes each item by hand. They’re very well made and are always a hit with the kitties – anything catnip especially but this is perfect for bating around.


Loopies Mushroom
This is a mushroom shaped catnip toy that’s filled with organic catnip. I legit lol’d at the name “Loopies Mushroom,” because it’s so true.

Serious case of the loopies ensuing
Serious case of the loopies ensuing

The mushroom is a good size and made of a synthetic material. It’s quite sturdy and sure to hold up against the ensuing onslaught of kitty claws.

knbdoorImperial Cat Dangly Door Bouncer
This is a doorknob toy that is made of palm fronts, and looks and feels reminiscent of a Chinese finger trap. It was also a big hit because of the sound it made when smacked.

I has an interest. The box/fort to the right has a classic KNB toy on it too!

knbdisch2 knbdoor2It’s very bouncy and holds up quite well.

knbwipesClean Face Ear and Eye Wipes
*Ignore the beadle bop card, I didn’t notice I was holding it, lol
These wipes are always useful to have, sometimes the kitties need assistance. :D

knbtreatsSmart ‘n Tasty Treats
KitNipBox sent out these treats in the past but in a different flavor, and they have always been a HUGE hit with my cats. I’ve ordered cases of them since then, they’re not offensive to the senses, and cats just devour them.  They’re also 100% all natural and sourced from the US, which I love. KitNipBox makes the health and safety of each cat a priority, something I greatly appreciate as a pet parent.

I'm dangling the treats over them because I am a terrible pet parent
I’m dangling the treats over them. Sophie is playing with the Beadle Bop apple in the background.

Along with being excellent for storage, the kitties love the box itself. Look Ma, it’s functional! :D

knbdischa2 knbdischbox knbdischawhatKitNipBox has always been one of my favorite boxes for a variety of reasons, the most important one being that I just love seeing my cats so happy and active. They love playing with the toys, eating the treats and obviously they enjoy the box itself. I highly recommend KitNipBox if you’re in the market for a Cat specific sub box – seems like far too many Cat boxes were Dog boxes first and the Cats tend to be an afterthought, not to mention the fact they’re often more expensive (based on my personal experience). KitNipBox are experts at making kitties happy.

KitNipBox is 29$ per month, they hold contests regularly, post Cat pictures regularly, and love seeing your own kitty in action, and you can sign up by clicking here. Use code BEEJU15 to save 15% on your new toy! Christmas is coming – KitNipBox makes a lovely gift! Signing up today will guarantee you’ll get a December box too, win win!

Beeju was sent this complimentary box for review purposes only. All opinions are my cats, and no compensation was received.


Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.

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