Taste Japan – Review

Heyyyy it’s a brand new Japanese Snack box!


Taste Japan
£15 – 25$~ Per Month – Ships Free!
Ships directly from Japan

Taste Japan is brand new to the subscription box game. July was their introductory box and so far they’re making a pretty big splash. Taste Japan very kindly sent me this box to review <3 This box is a sampler box, meaning the items may vary from traditional monthly boxes, and it also didn’t contain any sort of info card. I think Taste Japan e-mails those to subscribers, but I’m not entirely sure. Either way I’m really winging half the names of these items – bear with me.

tjgoldfishMorinaga Ottoto Sea Creature Shaped Crackers
These taste exactly like goldfish crackers. They’re hollow, baked little crackers with a heavy cheddar flavor. They have a slight aftertaste that’s unpleasant but still good nonetheless, and look! Fun shapes!

Truth be told I don’t know if these are the special edition vanilla pudding kit kats, or the new kitkat BAKES that get a creme brulee’ appearance and taste when they’re baked in an oven. Either way I chowed these down in .02 seconds. I love anything kitkat and I especially love that these snack boxes are embracing the fact that one of their specialties are highly loved in other parts of the world. These taste much more rich than other kitkats, they’re sort of like a white chocolate kitkat with an extra thick coating of white chocolate.

tjumaiboUmaibo Sticks
Umaibo is a very popular snack with a ton of variations – from what the heck squid egg to churro. Usually the package will tell you or at least give you a hint as to what flavor umaibo you got – I’m thinking these are either salmon or squid flavored. They have a very strong smell and are large hollow corn puffs.

tjalmondSanko Seika Cheese Almond Sembei
I’m allergic to almonds so I can’t try these, but they smell like cheese.

tjcalbee tjbreadCalbee Bacon wrapped Asparagus sticks – Jagarico
I uh… wasn’t a fan of these. They have a very strong odor but a really bad aftertaste. I tend to not like Japan’s more salty and/or savory offerings anyway, so this is totally a me thing. I don’t even like weirdly flavored chips. :/

tjcookieCountry Ma’am Chocochip Cookies – Cocoa and Vanilla
These are the BEST cookies ever I swear. They taste like very small Mrs. Fields cookies. They’re very soft, chewy and just outright perfect. I ordered two more bags off eBay (find them here) and they come in a ton of different flavors – including matcha. If anyone in Japan is reading this, hook me up with about 400 of these stat. I’d go so far as to say these are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some gosh darn good cookies.

tjlogsKikori no Kirikabu – Chocolate Covered Stumps
These didn’t hold up well in the West Virginia heat lol. They’re cookie shaped stumps covered in milk chocolate. The cookies themselves taste like a mix between a sugar cookie and a graham cracker, and the chocolate tastes like it’s flavored with something but I can’t quite pinpoint it. It’s good tho, just took some extra work to break the stumps apart.

tjgumMarukawa Gum Packs
Japanese gum! :D I got these in another subscription box and loved them so much I ordered another flavor. I don’t know if these are special edition flavors or regular flavors though. The three little bars resemble bazooka gum but are mostly flavorless as far as I can tell.

tjgum2Each package contains 4 little gumballs. The blue and red package is cola flavored. The blue package is vanilla flavored. The flavoring in general doesn’t last at all but they’re still delicious little gumballs. I really liked the cola flavored ones.

tjburger2Hamburger Shop
These were varied between boxes, but it’s a slight-DIY kit where you make hamburgers!

tjhamburgerThere’s a gummy hamburger patty, cheese, lettuce, special sauce packet and a bun. The bun is a ice cream cone flavor and texture. The individual pieces of the burger are flavored but they’re fruits.

tjburgerFinished product. This was mighty cute. I didn’t like the special sauce much because it’s a bit sour, but the gummy itself tastes great. :D


Taste Japan has such a nice variety of items and I personally really loved all the sweets! I found what has to be a new favorite sweet ever – the cookies! :D I highly recommend this box, it’s an excellent box filled with high quality sweets. There’s a lot of Japanese Snack Boxes out there and we have a list of those here. This box is definitely more for the “try anything” crowd, or the “sweets oriented” crowd.

If interested, Taste Japan is £15 per month, which equates to around 25$ USD. It ships directly from Japan. You need to sign up by the 20th to get the August box.

Beeju received this complimentary box for review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.



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    1. I love that these snack boxes keep throwing in the specialty kitkats. They’re so yummy! I wish I knew which ones they were though lol

      Your son would prolly love a lot of the DIY kits! I know they have a spongebob krabby patty one that’s similar

    1. Thank you for such a wonderful box and opportunity! :D Totally understand about the melting, its to be expected when it’s over 90 degrees everyday. The cookies were still good! The asparagus chips was just personal taste, nothing to be sorry for D:

  1. The mini hamburgers look fun! I don’t know how I would have liked the saltier options, as I am more of a candy freak, but those would be welcomed by my daughter I’m sure!

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