That Allure Beauty Box and other musings

Holy fritos it’s been a busy morning.

The Allure Beauty Box went on sale this morning… sorta. It would be my first box so I anxiously waited in line to grab one. However it was like some cosmic force was throwing “don’t you dare, don’t you hurt your wallet like that” at me, because the website was down. Down down down down. Constant refreshing did nothing, mass hysteria ensued “THEY ALREADY SOLD OUT,” when in fact some poor disgruntled soul didn’t look at the date the post stating that was actually published, threats of “I’M CANCELLING MY MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION” erupted on their facebook wall, poor customer service workers were endlessly harassed, and for a moment, a mob of angry women plotted to storm the Allure building in NYC.

I did manage to get a box, at 1:15ish, over an hour after the stated release time, and by using a link a young woman posted that went directly to the ordering page. From what I understand this box is more expensive that the usual beauty boxes (it’s quarterly), and it’s heavier and filled with about 52.98% hair products. I admit I’m a sucker for good hair products.

Christ did I ever want it though. It says it’ll arrive in 2-3 weeks so here’s hoping.

UPDATE: The website finally fixed it’s issues but it says the following: “To all of our Allure Beauty Box fans: Our site went down when the sale was to go live at 12:01 pm today – we are so sorry for the inconvenience. To make this fair game we are going to reset the sale for next Tuesday, May 6 at the same time, 12:01PM EST. Log on to Thank you!”

They sent out e-mails to those who successfully purchased one stating that they would honor those purchases.

Click here to see a list of what’s in the box. 


In other news, PINCHme released their new samples at 12PM EST. These samples always vary by person, so I snagged a Beyonce’ perfume sample and my co-worker snagged absolutely nothing. In case you’re unfamiliar, PINCHme is a sample box that’s 100% free. No shipping charges, no monthly fee, no credit card required. The only downside is you have to be quick when the samples are released and they don’t always e-mail you when they’re coming out. Typically it’s only one sample per account, and the samples aren’t high end brands. They’re more drug store/walmart, for example, in my first box I got clear scalp shampoo (which I now religiously use), coffee, and jergens lotion. You get points for reviewing and can get more samples when you “level up.”

Little Black Bag is having a massive sale where everything is up to 90% off, that completely wrecked their handbag stock (I am partially responsible), but there is a lot of active trading going on still. Most of what’s left is jewelry but they seem to be adding stuff fairly regularly, including adding like… a random handbag here and there. It’s worth checking out. There’s 18 pages of items left, I’m sure you can find something you’d like!


That’s all for today, tomorrow (provided there are no shipping delays), I’ll have my May Skoshbox review!


Beeju out.



Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.
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