Beeju Goes to the Mall – Clearly a bad idea

The Charleston Town Center Mall has three floors of stores. All of these stores were having quite the sale. There was damage. Looooots of damage.

photo 5

I had two primary reasons for going to TCM. The first was for some reason every single person I feel obligated to get presents for has a birthday in May, and Mother’s Day, which completely crept up on me. The second reason is because I desperately wanted some Victoria’s Secret perfume (my favorite is Sexy Little Things Noir), but I settled for their 5/30$ sale instead.

photo 1

I hadn’t been to Victoria’s Secret in many years (apologies if this shows up sideways for you, it didn’t upload that way), so I quite indulged in their “New To Me” scents.

Pure Seduction
Mango Temptation
Coconut Passion
Sparkling Citrus
Passion Struck

I literally bought an orchard. Every single scent had fruit in it.

Cost: $25

photo 2

My bestie asked me to find her these lip balms if they were in stock, and luckilly they also had them on sale for $3 each. I got the hand cream for free plus 20% off.

Cost: 8$

photo 2(1)

I went to Catherine’s to return and reorder a bridesmaids dress that was way too big on me. As a result of their points/perks/whatever that promotion is, I got this watch and the bracelet for free, and the dress in a smaller size for half of what I originally paid for it. These are going straight to my Aunt for her birthday this Thursday.

Cost: $0

photo 4(1)

I saw these at ULTA and they were having a promotion, get them for 2$ each, BOGO. So all in all, I paid 1$ each for them. Going straight in my bestie’s care package!

Ice Dream
24 Karat
Palm Breezy
Sugar Sugar

Cost: $4

photo 1(1)

Thanks to POPSugar MUST HAVE April box, I am a serious fan of Too Faced makeup. Honestly it’s weird, I recently took a quick weekend trip to Tennessee with my very makeup conscious cousin, who spent close to $200 on lipstick and brushes and as a result I realized how much I actually genuinely enjoy the stuff. Not the price tag mind you. I never was into cosmetics or anything, and I certainly never was girly but I could easily see myself collecting the entire line. I found this as ULTA but Sephora also had it.

Vanilla Creme’

Cost: $36

photo 4

Also during that Tennessee trip, I really wanted some good mascara. The cosmetics outlet we went to didn’t have any available, so I looked online for what is considered the best brands and styles, and this consistently came on top. This was an expensive little hobo but it works amazingly and of course, more Too Faced.

Cost: $28.50

photo 3

I love NYX. I have some of their mascara, but what I love about them is they’re genuinely quality products for a highly reasonable price. ULTA had these BOGO 1/2 off, so I went for it and got these in four different colors. These smell absolutely amazing and the color lasts and lasts and lasts. The pink on the right is a little too bright for my skin tone but I absolutely adore the balms.

Terra Cotta
Peaches and Cream

I genuinely like NYX brand, it’s right up there with Too Faced for me.

Cost: $12

photo 3(1)

I can’t even describe my disdain for brush searching. Everything I found was either ecoTOOLS, horrible quality or just straight up didn’t exist. ULTA had these suckers for $14 a piece, but I ended up finding them at Walmart for $10 a set. I’m getting a huge 66 gloss palette from Little Black Bag and I really need a lip brush, but for now I have semi-decent tools.

Cost: $23


Not Pictured: I got my mom a personalized snowglobe that isn’t personalized because I didn’t want to wait an hour. I’ll take it to get it engraved before Mother’s Day.
No close ups: I also got a shirt from Lane Bryant, and the caboodle case. I haven’t had a caboodle in years. I’m surprised they even still existed. I’m surprised I had enough makeup to warrant purchasing a caboodle. I’ll eventually get a train case. I also got two cat collars. Martha Stewart collars are adorable but holy mojito they cost a mint.

All I bought on this trip was makeup and perfume. Sheesh what’s gotten into me.

In other news my May Skoshbox and two of my Little Black Bags have shipped.

Beeju out.




Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.
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