Favorites of the Month – March/April

Note: I’m including March because this blog didn’t exist when I started reviewing those. Future Favorites of the Month posts will only include favorites for products reviewed in that particular month.

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Let’s start with March, since it’s being included in this months collection.

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Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
Found in: Birchbox March 2014
Retail Price: $12.99 (CVS is damn high tho)

This was one of the “Birchbox Finds” that created a metric frickton of controversy on BB’s facebook page, and the reviews. There was a couple of reasons for this:

1. The smell.
2. Jergens brand.
3. Not 100% natural.
4. Contained unlisted self-tanners.

There were more reasons but those were most certainly the top. There’s a reason why I absolutely love this stuff; it works. I have chronic dry skin on my face, especially around my nose and eyebrows. I’ve had it for years, and it’s gotten worse over the last few months, to the point where even creams prescribed by a dermatologist did nothing. My face was a terrible mix of snow white and blood red on any given day, and the peeling was so horrible that I would go through lotion bottles faster than they could be stocked.

Then in my very first Birchbox, this appeared. I tried it on my face and it instantly did three things: Removed the chapped skin, hydrated, and covered the red. It did seem much more like a foundation than a lotion, and it was certainly tinted. I went out shortly after and purchased a full size bottle of the stuff and have never looked back. I’m actually able to wear makeup again. My skin tone and texture has improved dramatically since this came into my life.

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Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom
Found In: Birchbox March 2014
Retail Price: $55 for 50ml

I actually genuinely hate most perfume, as nothing will ever compare to Sweet on Paris or VS’ Sexy Little Things Noir, but Cherie Blossom is a great scent for Spring, it’s fresh, it’s light but it’s much more floral than some other perfumes. I like it but it’s not an everyday scent.

photo 2

Stila Lip Glaze
Found in: Birchbox March 2014
Retail Price: $8.00 for 0.05oz

Another birchbox hit, I want all the Stila products. I got FIG, which managed to go okay with my skin tone but not wonderful (think pale), but what I loved about this was how long it lasted. I have other lip glosses/slicks/sticks/whatever the cool kids are calling it these days and this has been the only one with this weird applicator. It feels like one of those fiber optic trees. It goes on sheer but then builds, but I love it. Again, I want all the Stila products. I would love this same lip thing in a pinker color.

photo 4(1)

CAILYN tinted lip balm
Found In: IPSY April 2014
Retails For: $19

I had heard of CAILYN before and only good things, so when I got one in my IPSY bag I was ecstatic. There’s a reason they give you so little balm, one TINY swipe has the most vibrant color it’s unreal. This, like the stila, is something I want in a lighter pink.

photo 1

Nila & Anthony Mint Green Lace Barrel Satchel
Found In: Little Black Bag
Retails For: $76

I got this as a special 25% off promotion, so in the end I paid around $25 for it, RIGHT BEFORE they marked all their bags down to $10 for their Pose merger. Ugh. Either way I’m happy, this bag sold out so fast I wouldn’t have gotten it. Given how half of these people are on LBB when it comes to trading, I wouldn’t have gotten it unless I gave up something expensive by Ivanka Trump. Either way, I love this thing. I didn’t quite play the LBB game right and I missed my freebies the first time, but I’m building myself a hell of a bag now. Muahah. What I love most about this bag is it’s SO lightweight. The leather is incredibly soft. The lace is already coming off the bag itself though.

photo 2(1)

Color Club Gala Gem’s – Breakfast At…
Found In: Birchbox April 2014
Retails For: $13 a set

Sinful Colors – Mad About Hue (Posh Pastels)
Found In: PINCHme – April 2014
Retails For: Not sure, I think it’s a per-release set.

These are gorgeous colors, but as mentioned in my birchbox post, I have a deal where I have to give my friend all the nail polish. I want nails to do nail art. Brb going to buy a fake nail set.

photo 4

Cate and Chloe – Julie “Youthful” Bracelet
Found In: Cate&Chloe VIP  (I got it in April but it’s random)
Retails For: $99.00

I love Cate&Chloe. Cate&Chloe is wonderful. I’ve gushed about them 100 different ways, but I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this bracelet it’s amazing. It’s so bright and sparkly. I just… you go C&C, you go.

photo 3(1)

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
Found In:  POPSugar Must Have Box – April 2014
Retails For: $36.00

My only experience with eye shadow is bad, I used to buy those smokey eye sticks and they showed up incredibly vibrant on my eyes. This palette though, I love. It’s so subtle, adds just the right amount of tint and literally looks like you’re not wearing any (I’m talking about the Heaven shade mixed with the Silk Teddy). I love eye shadow now thanks to this palette, it’s so wonderful.

I had favorites from the Skoshbox but due to my not taking photos, I missed them. For the month of May, I’ll do better. Expect many more photos!

Sidenote: I have a ridic haul from Little Black Box on it’s way, brace yourselves.


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