Birchbox – April 2014 Review

I think I’m the last person on the planet to get their Birchbox. I managed to get it the same day as my POPSugar box, at least. Birchbox doesn’t normally take that long to ship, but they sent me someone else’s tracking info at first then fixed it a week later.  Oof.

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a month – FREE SHIPPING!

Birchbox sends 4-5 samples each month, typically curated around some sort of theme or by your profile. There’s at least 2 dozen different birchbox variations, making this a fairly unique box. This month, the theme was Rainy Days. Fairly appropriate for April, unless you’re in WV which jumps from December to August in the span of an hour.

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The first thing I noticed was a VERY strong odor coming from this box. It turned out to be my Harvey Prince perfume sample. I don’t know if it leaked or if it was intentionally sprayed before shipping but holy mojito that was pungent.

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My box contained the following:

Harvey Prince Perfume Sample – Yogini
Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner – Black
Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle
Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection – Breakfast At..
KIND Healthy Grain Bars – Maple Pumpkin Seed

photo 2

Harvey Prince Perfume – Yogini The Scent of Liberation

If this is the scent of liberation, I’ll stay a prisoner. I loved the sample I received last month (Cherie Blossom), but this was entirely too strong for something that’s intended to be subtle. This will stay hidden in my box.

photo 1

Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle

I want more of this. I want this in a perfume. The scent is absolutely intoxicating. Is there a perfume of this? Or a body mist? I want it. My only complaint is that they sent a squirt nozzle when the formula inside is far too thick and goopy to be used effectively. This needed a different nozzle. I love this stuff though, it’s amazing. More plx.

photo 4

Color Club Gala Gems – Breakfast At….
Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner

I have a deal to give any nail polish I get to my bestie. The short reason is because I’m a nail biter. The long reason is because I hate anything on my nails. I did try this out though and it’s incredibly sheer. That I actually like, it seems iridescent. That name too… Breakfast At… at what? Tiffany’s? Beeju’s? That cafe down the street? The other three colors in this box had names that didn’t contain ellipses.

The eyeliner remains unopened and will go to my cousin who seems to have a penchant for spending copious amounts of money on full size products she’ll never use.  I don’t use eyeliner. The one time I did I managed to give myself a battle scar.  Never again, I whisper.

photo 3

KIND Healthy Grains Maple Pumpkin Seeds

I think I would have actually liked this if I got it in a different flavor. I only like Maple in syrup. On my pancakes. Otherwise I find it far too strong of a flavor and it lingers ALL DAY. I think if I got the dark chocolate it would have been fine; I love granola bars otherwise.

I’ve been considering canceling my Birchbox subscription for awhile, but I’ll stick around for a few more months. Their points program just cannot be beat. So I only liked 1 out of 5 samples this month, but at least some of these samples make good addition presents. For 10$, I’m not complaining.



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